Syracuse Wildlife and Animal Removal

Catch a Squirrel with a Snare Pole

Snare pole is a scheme of trapping small wild Syracuse animals using a pole with a series of little snares made of wire that is hitched at angle 45 degree downward to a tree. By this method, small animals, often squirrels will run down the tree to the passageway and this will cause the New York squirrels to end up in the placed bait.

The following are the steps that you may follow to catch Syracuse squirrels using snare pole:
Squirrels live in almost all types of trees that surround us. So, the first thing to do is to find a tree where you are going to put your trap, often times, they can be found on oak trees of trees that bear nuts. On finding the perfect tree, consider the things such as finding their nest on it or any residue from foods that these creatures had consumed. If you can't see any signs from New York squirrels you can look for another place where they possibly hide. However, if you want to follow your instinct, then follow it.

When you already found the tree that shows any signs about New York squirrels, find a limb that is medium size (3 ½ - 5ft.long and 2-3inches in diameter). Hitch the limb at angle 45 degree downward directly opposite to the trunk of the chosen tree. You can put a medium-sized stone at the rump of the run way in level to the ground to support it as it is hitched against the trunk of the tree. Get a wire and create snares out of it and attach it to runway at different intervals and angles. To create a snare, cut the wire with the length of 10 inches and make at end a small loop. Twist the wire tightly, then take the opposite end of wire and run it through the first twisted loop that you've created. After that, attach the snare around the ramp by covering the pole and bending it tightly with the one on your first loop.

It is better to create a snare with diameter of 2 inches and 1 1/4 inches up the run way. This will make a possibility that the squirrel will run through the snares with the head first. The result, it will be snared on its hip and stomach area. If this happens, then that little New York creature will surely cannot escape.

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