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How to get Skunk Out from Under a Porch

Skunks are silent yet shy animals which may look cute at first. But the sins the do will make anyone hate them. Getting the Syracuse skunks out of the attic is not easy task there's need of proper implementation of solutions otherwise the results could be unwanted. Skunks often find shady places to hide and they mostly stay away from intense and daylights. This can make it hard to get them out of the shed or porch alive. Here we have suggested five steps in which you can not only get rid of the New York skunks which get a shelter under the hidden places such as a shed or a porch.

1. Enlighten the place:
Most common weakness of the Syracuse skunks is that they cannot tolerate the intense light. Skunks tend to stay in shady places and they leave the places with intense light in no time.
2. Spread natural repellents:
After spreading the light into the New York skunk's shelter they should come out of there. If that is not enough for them then spread some naturally strong scents inside the holes or the porch or sheds.
3. Close the holes:
As they will get uncomfortable you should keep only one way to let them get out. And shut other holes so they won't run from another side. Keeping only one entrance to get out will help you to easily capture them.
4. Set the trap near the exit:
Once you succeed in getting the Syracuse skunks out you should be prepared to catch them. Using live-capturing traps will allow you to trap the skunks without harming them.
5. Move and release them into skunk:
This will be the best thing you can do about New York skunks to block them and not expect them to get back. This is the best way to get rid of the skunks. This is the long term solution.

Following these simple steps will definitely help you get the New York skunks out of the shelters such as porches. This solution will not only save you from the skunks but also save you from using the harmful technique to get rid of them. After moving the Syracuse skunks from your place to a farther wild place. You should take some precautions to stop them entering the attic again. This includes not exposing the pet food and closing the access to entry points.

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