Do more Raccoons Live in Urban Areas or Wild Areas?

Raccoons are famous for their intelligent and curiosity. However, they can equally be nuisance to homes and gardens. They are nocturnal animals and have the tendency to destroy gardens, tip over garbage to make mess of homes and others. While most people think that Syracuse raccoons mainly lived in wild than in urban, the actual truth is that this intelligent and curious animal always feels comfortable living with human in the urban areas than in the wild. For that reason, in the United States today, there are more New York raccoons in the urban areas than in the wild causing serious nuisance to human and pet and making mess of materials at home.

Raccoons Are Easily Adaptable Animals Living With Human in Suburban Areas
Raccoons are always in search of foods wherever they are. They preferred to live in made-made structures where they can gain access to left over foods and meat mainly in the garbage. They mainly inhabit the sewers and attic in the homes sleep in the day to unleash their destructive side during the night due to their nocturnal life style. That is why homeowners normally do everything possible get rid of raccoons in any part of their homes to ensure they do not fall victim of diseases associated with Syracuse raccoons.

Raccoon Are Likely To Eat Human Foods
One of the reasons why there are more New York raccoons in the urban than in the wild is that they are more likely to eat human food. More so, they normally live longer up to 13 years while in captive in man-made structure than when they are in wild where they only survive for 2 to 3 years. That is among the things that attract more raccoons to the urban areas than in the wild.

Raccoon Can Invade Trash Can and Made Messy Of Garbage in Urban Areas
The trash can is one of the main targets of Syracuse raccoons while living in urban areas. For that reason, they normally turn over trashcans and make messy of environment with garbage. So, if you want to prevent New York raccoons from finding your home attractive, you have to form habit of disposing your trashcan and garbage regularly.

Can Raccoons Cause Damages While In The Urban Areas?
Due to highly level of dexterity, curiosity, intelligent and climbing skill associated with New York raccoons, the can be highly destructive to human while in urban areas. They can tip over the trashcan, damage crops in the garden. Uncapped chimney, tear out shingles and others. These and more are the reasons why you must not share your home with Syracuse raccoons for any reason.

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